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Common Models

20' x  65' Law School Meeting Hall

20' Span Cross Section

12' x 28' Classrooms

Classroom Interior

Health Clinic - 12' x 16'

Health Clinic Interior

Click Here to see a drawing of common models that have been built or are under construction.

Donated Structures :
The owners of Essential Structures Africa, Limited have founded their company upon Christian principles. We have chosen to give away a significant portion of our profits to Christian based organizations doing work among the poor in Kenya and elsewhere. Since it is our personal money to give, and due to our Christian commitment, we will only consider projects with the following criterion:

Criterion for Donated Product or Financial Support
  • The project must be Christ inspired and the leadership and staff must be committed Christians who consider themselves called by God in their endeavor.
  • The leadership and staff are to be examples of the principle of sacrificial giving of either their own time and or their finances.
  • In addition to meeting the physical needs of the poor, a strong emphasis must be committed to giving the Gospel message to those being served. Jesus did not feed the people just to be feeding hungry people, but He fed them with food, and then He fed them with the message of salvation unto eternal life. John 6: 27 “Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life.”
  • A person who is accountable to a functioning board of directors must administrate the project. The board must meet at least monthly, must be non-profit in status, and must have the past 12 months of board minutes available for our review. (Preferably by email.)